Trash Removal

Trash and recycling pick-up is on Fridays. Trash containers can be out on Thursdays, but must be stored before the following Monday.

For front entry garages stored means completely out of sight or far back by the fence so that it is well hidden from the street.

For rear entry garages, stored means completely out of sight or up next to the garage door of the home.

Bulk Trash Pick up is now by appointment only. Residents must call:
Community Waste Disposal (CWD)
Phone: 972.392.9300 Option 2

Trash Container Storage
Many homeowners are unaware of the acceptable storage areas for their trash containers. Please note that according to Article IV, Section 4.4 (l) of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, all containers and other facilities for trash disposal must be located and screened in a manner approved by the Developers or Committee.

After much review, the following is the current enforcement determined by the board for this rule. Trash pick-up day is on Friday. You can place your container(s) out for pick-up on Thursday evening or Friday morning. The container(s) are to be placed back at their storage areas before the following Monday. The acceptable storage areas for Rear Entry drives are as follows: The trash/recycling container(s) must be stored at least 10 feet from the alley area. For Front Entry drives acceptable storage areas are the trash/recycling container(s) must be stored in your garage or in your backyard. Additionally, for both rear and front entry garages, please note that only city-issued trash/recycling container(s) are to be stored within view of the community.


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